Tuesday, 16 September 2008


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Newport art college

Went along on the wales meet, me and FKN arrived at sheep2405 house at about 2 in the afternoon, and along with a member i cant remember his name from DP we went along to asda for food, i had some intrest on this place before i came down here and i could not drive past it 3 times and not go in! so on the way back that was the plan! it took us a few mins to enter as there is all new sheeting up around the building. the building has had a temporary roof fit as the original is missing in parts and letting alot of water in, even with the temporary roof there was alot of water still getting in the place when it rained, which is a shame as its not doing it any good. the place is going to be developed in to apartments im told, here are some of the pics!

in the photo below you can see the fake roof they have put over the place as all the roof is buggered and letting the rain in which aint doing the place any good, even with the roof over there is still alot of water getting in to this place as we saw when it started to rain!
this cup and chair was in the roof space befour we stumbled over the entry point to the tower

the above pics is of a water tank in the top of the tower with Fkn inside doing the lighting for me, and the one below is of the tower its self, could get some good views from up there! as you will see in the pic below again, but the rain was coming down hard by now and the veiws became restricted.

this one is of one of the main corridors coming off the stairs on the bottom floor, got to say thanks for Fkn helping with the lighting againby the way!

the above had to be done! :) me, jonas and Fkn

these are of the main hall, this was a great place for colour as you can see in the picsthis is in the centre of the site and the last one is of a black and white of the hall.

this was a great site, well worth a visit! this is a place i will be going again as you cant get fed up of those big corridors and stairways! one of my favs up to now!