Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bunker drain, Warrington

Went along with Over with a few other sites in mind in the area, but i was glad we did this one first as it was alot warmer in here then it was on the surface! was my first time seeing the Bunker and its massive, you also don't get a feel of how deep you are till half way through when you are 40ft below a manhole in one chamber! its also full of frogs and eel's at the start! here some of my shots anyway!

this was the first part you see, through them windows as they could be called is the river.
Over and that hat!

one of the many seamingly endless pipes!
this was the chamber when you find out how deep you are! this chamber has 3 levels before you get to the manhole

and finaly one of the residents in bunker!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Green quarter tower crane, manchester. november 08

after finishing off at london road me and over finised an exploring day and went on to this tower crane over by th the M.E.N. arena it was an 81 meter hook to floor and my first tower crane!

its not as easy as you thing going to the top of one of these, i needed 20 rest at the top!

but what a view!

the cab, which was heated, had a kettle and a cracking view of manchester!

London road fire station, Manchester. November 08

after the trip to deva me and over where still in an exploring mood, so we went on to have a go at london road fire station! once we were in it didnt take long before we headed for the tower. been some where i wanted to see for a while, its mainly empty but still got intresting features! and lots of rooms to see!

a bit of history:- London Road Fire Station is a former fire station, police station and coroner's court, in Manchester, England. Designed and built between 1904 - 1906 by Woodhouse, Willoughby & Langham at a cost of £142 000. Until 1974 and the formation of the Greater Manchester Fire Service, it was the headquarters of the Manchester Fire Brigade.Built of red brick and terracotta by Burmantofts it is now a Grade II listed building in the Whitworth Street conservation area. Since 2001 the building has been listed as “at risk” by English Heritage.

was decribing this as some sort of racking earlier, but since found out that it was a victorian laundry drier.

over and me in the tower opposite Manchester Piccadilly!

deva mental asylum, Chesire. November 08

OK its been a bit over done on the forums recently, but after cutting abit off my finger and missing out on going to denbigh asylum i was doing this! :)

went along with over 5050 snowdudejohn and omega, we gained access with directions from chewy off northwest(thanks for those) its only closed in 2005 and is still attached to a working hospital. as we was in there we bumped in to a group of chav's/scrote's who was wandering around, they where as big of losers as you could imagine! when we got up to the hazard room as its called we found them again after losing them that is, and they was kicking a door in we got them to stop but left after that! here are some pics any way!

this is the main hall, it had a nasty false ceiling in, there was some tiles missing which showed the roof. dont know why they covered it up!

this was the last photo before we called it a day as we bumped in to the chavs again kicking in doors and was going to get caught! :(

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

st. Marks church preston

saw the scaffolding on this church driving past on the way to play football and thought got to do that! :) on the night i went to do it i was amazed the front door was open and the light where on! but that didn't put me off, and away i went. here is the outside

stone work of the tower

below is looking at preston docks

as it turns out its no longer a church! its been converted to apartments! that explains the open doors at mid-night!

grange over sands lido

went here on the way to following up some leads was well worth nipping in to not really that much to see! its an open air swimming pool that by the looks of it has been closed awhile, and these are the only photos i got befour the weather changed and it started to really rain!

my photos make it look slightly better then it was! the water was a nasty shade of green! :)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

st.joes seminery, wigan

st. josephs seminery is a place ive seen many a time on the net but never been able to do, so when i got the chance to visit the place you can imagine the thrill of walking the corridors of this fantastic building! its massive, and so much to see through out the site. when we entered it was just in time as it started to pour down! but here are some of the pics any way! went along with OVER.

an HDR off the roof looking at one of the statues on the roof.

one of the many empty corridors with the rooms the residents used to live in!

found this in the attic space away from the rest of the rooms! dont know why it was away from the others but it was a dark room!

heres a couple of pics of the 1st years living quaters from what ive heard of the place, still with the names of the last students on the post entering the small space they had!

this plave is one of my favorites to go, and an over all great explore!!

winstanley hall, wigan. sep 08

after failed attempts at another site me over gimbulate meet up with spark, we then headed up to winstanley hall (thanks to spark for this one!) only spent 1 hour in there as after been on the roof the lighting was a problem and with the lack of some of the upper floors we thought best to get off, but spark had other ideas and followed up a drain lead on the way out if i remember correctly!

historyThe hall was built in the 1560s for the Winstanley family of Wigan; the Winstanley family were lords of the manor since at least 1252 and may have been responsible for building the moat on the site. The Winstanleys owned the hall until 1596, when the estate was sold to James Bankes, a London goldsmith and banker. Winstanley Hall has three storeys and has a date stone with a date of 1584. Extra blocks were added in the 17th and 18th centuries. Further and extensive alterations were made in 1811-19 by Lewis Wyatt in a Jacobean style. He moved the entrance to the left flank of the hall and replacing the original entrance with a window. The final additions to the hall were made in 1843 when an extra wing was added. To the south, on lands belonging to the hall, is a small stone building which was used to house bears that provided entertainment for the hall's guests.The Banks retained ownership of the hall until the 21st century when it was sold for private development. The hall had been kept in good condition until the 1960s when habitation stopped. As the building decayed and the cost of maintaining Winstanley Hall was too much for the family it was sold on. It was intended to develop the hall into private flats, however refurbishment was held up due to Wigan council withholding planning permission.