Sunday, 13 July 2008

st. joes orphanage, preston 11/7/08

went along to what now is one of my fave places (which ain't hard as not been to all that many!!). went along with snowdudejohn (northwest exploration) first time we had met and a place he was really wanting to do so instead of forwarding details went along with him on my morning from work!

access was same as ever, and first port of call was the chapel only took a couple of pics in here as got so many!

after the chapel went on a wander around the rooms on the right hand side of the building, and did some corridor shots, looking at the pic below the electricity is still on.

here is one of the many signs you see in the place, don't know why 246 but there every where in the building, look like they light up but for what i don't know!

up in the attic of the building with the theater in it

and here is me having a go at HDR, first time at it! but its not that hard! :)

didn't spend to long inside as on the way back to the main building we crawled through a hole in the wall and someone had blocked it back up with a board! from the other side. so i went dumped my kit and went back to the chapel to look through the window at the main gate, it was open and there was 2 cars and a ladder! the had been inside but we had to go!

i went back to snowdudejohn we moved the board as quiet as possible, got the kit through and slowly made are get away! the hole they blocked up was just around the corner from the main door! we made are way out on a promise to return again soon!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Roach bridge paper mill is set just outside of preston its in a nice location next to a river, it used to have a water wheel for power, but now been turned in to some sort of new bussiness park. its not a great site but with a water fall and asomeone new to exploring its good as no security and its in the middle of know where. went along with mitsuko, tried but could not get in to the mail building as only acccess is from the road which means jumping a fence with barb wire in full view of the road! asking to be caught!!!!!

no go??? what ever!

whittingham 28/6/08

went along with mitsuko, was her very first explore and she wanted to see whittingham! we bumped in to a few other explorers on this trip but kept are distance as we wernt going to be to here long! as we all know this place needs no introduction! so here are some of my pics