Wednesday, 18 March 2009

St. georges asylum, Morpeth. feb 09

went here on the same day as St. Marys in stannington as its in the area, originally called Northumberland County Asylum, it was built in 1859 to house 200 patients costing £58,000 to build. it closed down in 1995. and getting in was proving to be a problem as its well boarded up! and i mean almost every window! but persistence paid off! when you first get in you notice the damp smell straight away, for those who have been its the same as st. joes in preston, and in places on the bottom corridor the wood floor has buckled up to 1 foot up! not the best explore ever but glad i got in, here some of the pics:-
found this pic of the plane in a museum in newcastle before i went, took the pic for reference.

lecture room
corridor pic, showing some of the floor buckling

this was the only place i found drawings on the walls, they were nuts, all the way to the top of the stairs!

the main hall, this was in a lot better condition then St. Marys! you could walk on the floor!

roof shot, you can see the water tower in the back ground

finding this made me smile, done by explorers who had visited before, ive been told its something for the security guards back when the place had them that is!

St. marys asylum, stannington. feb 09

well it was about time i updated the blog! so here we go, went to St. Marys asylum in stannington near newcastle. Originally named Gateshead Borough Asylum, it opened in 1914 and closed in 1995. there was dog walkers about but they was friendly enough, they know what i was going to be doing as i was carrying my tripod and had no dog! its bare inside but not really damaged as its miles from anything this place there was only a few house's near by. it was very much like whittingham asylum in preston but it was ALL natural decay, no vandals! here's the pics

first place i stumbled across was the morgue, found totally by accident! not often you find slabs undamaged!

this one is of the laundry so im told! just looks like a big store!

the main hall was very grand, but the floor was rotten as ive ever seen, there was a few places that looked like people had found this out for themselves! i decided to give this one a miss!

i like this pic as for some reason the chair only has 3 legs left on it!

yes its a HDR, was trying to show the state of the place with the building outside!

finally found the chapel was stripped to nowt, but there was the remains of an organ in there as you can see below!

and finally these two pics had to be done! :)