Thursday, 9 July 2009

HSBC bank, manchester. june 09

What an explore! this place is great, its an old bank in the centre of manchester, its still got a safe deposit room as you will see later. we where not the first to visit here that was done a few days before by a few friends of mine! visited with Over, Gimbulate, Gims cousin and andyj. and thanks to Over for original finding this site! ;)


main lobby
from behind the desk
the safe door to the safe deposit boxes! we went here first!
as you can imagine the feeling when you walk in on this! :) very shiny!
sadly they are all empty! :(
this was one of the rooms below the safe deposit box room, think it was unused like much of the building!
looking up the centre of the building, it was like this from the 3rd floor up!
me having a moment on the 2nd from top floor!
steel work on the stairs from the days of midland bank, long before it was HSBC
looking off the roof!
manchester wheel and arndale centre
looking down at all the open windows!

and yes that is Over absailing down the centre of the building!! and its andyj having a go below!


Friday, 3 July 2009

vernon carus mill, penwortham. may 09

Id been here a few times in the past but only got in to the workshop, which was not worth doing a report on to be honest! but went along with Over and Stoka on this trip and glad i did it! the workshop is not not doable any more which is a relief!

some history:- Penwortham Mills, just to the south of Preston, Lancashire, was home to Vernon-Carus since 1915. It was a major manufacturer of surgical lint, which was the first surgical dressing to be commercially manufactured in the UK. When it was founded, Lancashire was the world’s centre for weaving and fabric production.The mills were closed in 2006 after the company relocated to brand new premises on the Matrix Business Park near Leyland. Most of the equipment was taken with them, and the remaining stuff i guess was old and needed updating so was left behind.

this pic was of a dark passageway a long exposure brought it out! and i know it looks like a silver pac-man in the pic!

this was one of my favorite pics of the day, really like the red doors at the end, they really stand out! and a thanks to Over for carrying a small first aid kit which was needed after i cut my leg climbing on to the roof!