Friday, 2 October 2009

odeon cinema, preston. july 09

The old odeon cinema in preston is located next to lava and ignite night club in preston, its been disused since 1992. more info can be found here :-

me and Over set out to have a look at this place to see if someone could get in and get a look at this place, and god it was worth it! it was not the easiest of places to get in to, but it didnt take us long to get in. and it felt strange, that somewhere like this is being left to decay when it should be being used.

the front, taken from outside

this is a pic of the seats in the main screen
the screen has long gone, now all left there are the speakers that where behind the screen
there was quite abit of stuff stored around the place from the night club next door as its owned by the night club.
a rusty panel in the projection room
the remains of the projector, all the film on the floor was test film of some sort, it was like looking in to a kaleidoscope
looking through the projector hatch in to the main screen!
as ever the people shot! thats me and Over behind
its such a shame that its been left to rot, if done right it should be restored and reused, as something like this cant be just left and forgotten about.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

leeds international pool, leeds. june 09

Here is what we went all the way over to leeds for, as it was going to be demolished soon (been done at the moment). we got in to the roof and was walking around the roof for 20 mins trying to find a way down! when we finally did it was worth it but its a bit of a mess now!

from top of the diving board, shows the size of the place

looking back at the diving boards with Over doing some pull ups!

some graffiti that was up on the wall at the back of the place
Over standing on a wall, im sure he didnt need to stand on the Wall to get the picture he wanted! he just wanted to stand on the wall!!!!

and finally the excitement got to much for Over.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

timble beck culvert, leeds. june 09

last place before we hit leeds pool, not many pics but not a bad culvert. we did scare a mother duck and ducklings, and some of the ducklings got stuck in the currents of the water and swept off, which we chased down and saved, then returned to there mother!

here are some of the pics!

most off the culvert was like the above, in parts the walk way was wider the some streets

sealed off grids

the above pic was my favorite bit of the culvert! holy grail, death or tigers? which would you choose???

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Park Plaza hotel, leeds. june 09

after doing the queens hotel we walked across the road to park plaza hotel and it was just as strange at first, we got in the lift with a member of staff who was asking about are trip and "what we are getting up to? anything interesting?" we said "hope so!" what made me smile was her parting words of "have fun!"

this was alot higher then the hotel across the road, which gave some great views!

here is a couple of Over on the roof, its not as dangerous as it looks! those girders don't go past the edge of the building!

and as ever a rooftop pano

Queens hotel, leeds. june 09

long due an update, not that ive been doing nowt just not putting on here! went over to leeds with Over in june to have a look at the international baths, but as there was workers in there at the time we went we decided to keep are selfs busy till 5 o'clock!

first up was the Queens hotel in the city centre, walking through the lobby to the lift was a bit nervy as it was a bit posh for us 2! :)

the strangest thing happened when we got on to the roof with was done comically, we had been on the roof for 1 min and some guy comes from around the back of an air vent he was working on and just looked at us then made a phone call next to us then went back to work! but i got a pic!

looking down at the bus station

the next hit, park plaza!

roof pano

Thursday, 9 July 2009

HSBC bank, manchester. june 09

What an explore! this place is great, its an old bank in the centre of manchester, its still got a safe deposit room as you will see later. we where not the first to visit here that was done a few days before by a few friends of mine! visited with Over, Gimbulate, Gims cousin and andyj. and thanks to Over for original finding this site! ;)


main lobby
from behind the desk
the safe door to the safe deposit boxes! we went here first!
as you can imagine the feeling when you walk in on this! :) very shiny!
sadly they are all empty! :(
this was one of the rooms below the safe deposit box room, think it was unused like much of the building!
looking up the centre of the building, it was like this from the 3rd floor up!
me having a moment on the 2nd from top floor!
steel work on the stairs from the days of midland bank, long before it was HSBC
looking off the roof!
manchester wheel and arndale centre
looking down at all the open windows!

and yes that is Over absailing down the centre of the building!! and its andyj having a go below!