Thursday, 4 March 2010

Preston odeon revisited. Nov 09

a revisit of original post, went back after we found out we missed the second screen some how! any way visited with Over and to say the least it was easier this time! :) hope you enjoy the pics! since my first visit i found a action group that is looking at getting the 1928 cinema back in to use here.

these first 3 pics are from of the roof above the main street

miller arcade

second screen, not many seats in here at all

refreshments from 1992

what could only be described as the owners flat maybe?, there was a few rooms such as living room possible bedroom and kitchen.

piece of old film found on floor!

lettering found in front lobby, had to be done!

ponteland ROC post, northumberland. nov 09

history taken from newcastlephotos.blogspot
In 1924 the introduction of the "Air Defence of Great Britain" led to the provision of a Raid Reporting System delegated to a committee with representatives from the Air Ministry, Home Office and the Post Office. This was later to become known as the Observer Corps and awarded the title Royal by King George VI in 1941 as a recognition of its service during the Battle of Britain. The corps was created to provide a system for detecting, tracking and reporting aircraft over Britain. During World War 2 it was complementary to and often replaced the radar system in that it provided an 'over land' element while radar handled the 'over water approach' requirement.

In 1955 the detection and reporting of nuclear blasts and fall-out was introduced. By 1965 the aircraft role was no longer needed and the corps formed the field force for the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation (UKWMO) until both organisations were disbanded in the early 1990s when the Cold war ended.

the outside

still got stuff stored in the cupbords

tried to put these gloves on and there set solid!

looking back up to the outside!