Friday, 2 October 2009

odeon cinema, preston. july 09

The old odeon cinema in preston is located next to lava and ignite night club in preston, its been disused since 1992. more info can be found here :-

me and Over set out to have a look at this place to see if someone could get in and get a look at this place, and god it was worth it! it was not the easiest of places to get in to, but it didnt take us long to get in. and it felt strange, that somewhere like this is being left to decay when it should be being used.

the front, taken from outside

this is a pic of the seats in the main screen
the screen has long gone, now all left there are the speakers that where behind the screen
there was quite abit of stuff stored around the place from the night club next door as its owned by the night club.
a rusty panel in the projection room
the remains of the projector, all the film on the floor was test film of some sort, it was like looking in to a kaleidoscope
looking through the projector hatch in to the main screen!
as ever the people shot! thats me and Over behind
its such a shame that its been left to rot, if done right it should be restored and reused, as something like this cant be just left and forgotten about.