Thursday, 7 May 2009

river street tower crane, manchester. april 09

this is the last site of the day for me, after a walk from primark to here and then climbing the ladder to the top with the tripod catching on everything on the way up id had enough! here are the pics! :)

crane in question!


Over taking another pic of me

looking down the jib

Over on the crows nest

not going to get a taxi up there mate! :)

primark rooftop, manchester. april 09

this was the 3rd site of the day, the only have two floors open to the public for shopping, next floor is for storage, then there are 2 more floors that are unused then there is the roof! here are some pics!

Over taking a photo of me taking a photo

Over and myself

Over on a glass dome roof on the top of primark, and on the the next site

Ramada rooftop, manchester, april 09

second on the list after food was ramada rooftop, its a city centre hotel with some great views, it was a bit hazy when we was up there so pictures arnt to great! here they are any way!

green quarter tower crane

the next hit, primark rooftop, see the glass dome above the sign to the right, Over was stood on the centre of that as you will see in the next post!

new york street crane, smallest in manchester!

hilton hotel
and finally a panorama!

mayfield station, manchester. april 09

went along with Over on exploring day in the city centre of manchester, we did 4 sites and here is the first, an abandoned trrin station! we got in what can only be described the hard way! found an easier way on the way out! :)

History:- Mayfield station, located on Fairfield street, Manchester, was originally opened for it's primary use as a passenger station on thr 8th of August, 1910, under the ownership of of London & North Western Railway. The intention of the Mayfield addition was offering more control over the increasing rail traffic along the Styal Line.With the German bombing raids of World War II, the Mayfield suffered damage due to a hit of a land mine, though was repaired soon after this event. The station was closed to passengers on the 28th of August, 1960, though it was re-opened on the 6th of July, 1970 after it was altered to a parcel depot for the Royal Mail sorting office located on the opposite side of the main line. This was closed after 16 years in 1986, as a result of Parcelforce changing from rail transport to an entirely road based fleet.Since closure in 1986, Mayfield has remained derelict, though some alterations such as track and postal tools removal over a two decade era. The building suffered fire damage in 2005 after fire broke out in the roadside building. The site was also used in the makings of two TV drama programme; Prime Suspect and The Last Train.


stairs from street level!