Wednesday, 23 March 2011 article

Here is a great article on by Rachel Greenberg of top 11 abandoned UK asylums which is really worth a read if you have the time!

some of my pics were used for st. marys asylum in stannington, which is on page number 7

enjoy :)

Ravenhead glass, st helens. aug 2010

After ending up in st.helens with Over we decided to go and have a look at the old ravenhead glass factory, to be quite honest it looked part demolished but still it was worth the time and the epic climbs to get in! we didnt get any external shots as there were people on site.  :)

Ravenhead Glass was a glass works near Ravenhead Colliery, St. was founded in 1850 by Frances Dixon and John Merson, In 1852 this factory was sold to the Pilkington Brothers. Once every decade the company swapped hands until 2001 when following a series of downturns in the late 1980's it stopped production and went into administration.

In 2003 the Rayware Group, which bought the Ravenhead site announced that it would like to revitalise the brand, giving pint pots and other traditional glasses the Ravenhead name.

the office had been fairly trashed but still some interesting stuff to take pics of.

inside the furnace

i really like the colours of the glass on the walls in here.

hope you enjoyed the pics, until next time :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ADM/spillers mill, newcastle

Really wanted to see this one after seeing a the madness in the room with all the pipes in it! took some time to find a way in but managed in the end after hiding in bushes for a bit while a tyne tour boat came past! :)

Spillers had come to Newcastle from Bridgewater in 1896 when they acquired Daudson's Phoenix Mill in The Close. In 1938 the new premises were completed, comprising of two main buildings: The Silo/Grain Store, built to accommodate up to 34k tons of grain, and The Flour Mill/Warehouse, which also contained an animal food mill. At the time of completion in 1938, the flour mill was the tallest flour milling building in the world.

In Feb 2006, ADM (the current owners of the Spillers mill) announced they were to close the Newcastle mill and move production to other ADM Mills around the country; all milling here was stopped by May 2006.

top level, that floor was not the best!

its amazing what gets left behind!

now this is nuts, how did anybody know whay was going on in this room?

as ever a people shot! :)

Rossendale general hospital

Turned up here some time at the start of last year with Snowdudejohn, it was a relaxing walk around trying to find access as there was no security on site for some reason(that's changed now). found are way in with no problem, its quite trashed inside and very much empty. theres the odd few things left around and it was an easy relaxing explore with it being a glorious sunny day last thing i wanted was to be exerting myself! :)

Rossendale General Hospital started life as a workhouse in 1868.

inmates of all ages mostly took part in hand weaving.

it changed into the Rossendale Hospital in the 1930s.

it was further extended with an annexe to the east.
Some parts of the hospital are still live.
the hospital radio was brought to a close not too long ago.
the hospital is now just used for day patients.
a new health hub in Rawtenstall might just take over from the hospital altogether.

the front

having a well earned rest!

then after exiting the main building and carrying on looking at some of the outer buildings at the relaxed pace the day had been so far, i only went and impaled myself on a metal rod that ripped my t-shirt and me on my chest(still carrying a scare from it) we only then found a door open to the morgue! which was nice.

coming out the closet?!? :)  lol