Friday, 27 June 2008

st joes orphanage 7-6-08

This was my second time here, first time was on my own and it was very creepy to say the least. this time i spent 7 hours here and covered everything! such a great site! dont really know much about it but its an orphanage with an operating theater and chapel! as you can see started off in the chapel, but there are so many rooms to this place! you really could spend all day here!

this was in the operating theater that i never saw on my first visit, but glad of gimbulate who showed me the way!

these are the shots i got from going up a long wood ladder in the tower to get to the top, you could see for miles from here, here are the best 4.

the final resting place, me and andyj set here for about 20 mins after been all explored out after the 7 hours marathon!

dewhurst mill bamber bridge 4-6-08

Been past this place many times but thought ive got to give it a go! could not get in to the tower but managed to get in to the main part of the mill, but not off the ground floor, will have to spend more time on this one but im sure you could still get somewhere near the top! it was also to dark inside as every window was boarded up and only had a crap torch.

whittingham asylum 31-5-08

It seamed for my first post i only go and put up the place that got me in to all this! whittingham first went hear 2 years ago with a few friends all on are first explore, im the only one thats been anywhere since. this is from my 3rd visit here on the above date, went along with gimbulate and UED.

this ones from the top of the main hall looking down to the window.