Wednesday, 22 April 2009

victoria baths, manchester. april 09

This was an organized visit to the baths in Manchester where you get to see how its been restored using lottery funding. and it is well worth a visit here! its was opened in 1906 it was built for £39,000 it would normally cost £20,000 to build a swimming baths in those days!

from the street outside!

male 1st class changing rooms and pool

pump house round the back of the building

one of the stained glass windows at the front of the building, i liked the way the colour was projected on to the floor!

male 1st class pool for the balcony

here is a link to the web site for the baths:-

they do guided tours most weekends

Leyland crane

saw this while driving through leyland a while ago, its not often you see cranes in leyland so it caught my eye! it was on an industrial park on the out skirts! heres the pics!

looking towards the jib

leyland DAF built trucks car park!

in the control seat!

taking in the views

it was not a big crane, only about 40 meters but still dont get cranes in leyland! :)