Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bunker drain, Warrington

Went along with Over with a few other sites in mind in the area, but i was glad we did this one first as it was alot warmer in here then it was on the surface! was my first time seeing the Bunker and its massive, you also don't get a feel of how deep you are till half way through when you are 40ft below a manhole in one chamber! its also full of frogs and eel's at the start! here some of my shots anyway!

this was the first part you see, through them windows as they could be called is the river.
Over and that hat!

one of the many seamingly endless pipes!
this was the chamber when you find out how deep you are! this chamber has 3 levels before you get to the manhole

and finaly one of the residents in bunker!