Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Billinge Hospital, wigan

Visited here with Snowdudejohn, he had been past it a few times and surgested going! when we went there was only 2 buildings left, all the rest of the site had been leveled for a new housing estate. visited in the summer, so i doubt there is anything left by now! :(

Billinge Hospital was originally founded in 1837 as a Wigan Poor Law Union hospital and workhouse.Mental Health services are still available

Opened in 1968, Billinge Maternity Hospital served as the maternity facility for the surrounding areas, including much of the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, parts of the Metropolitan Borough of St.Helens and parts of the District of West Lancashire .

In June 2004, the maternity hospital was closed and maternity facilities were transferred to other units at hospitals in surrounding districts. Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust, who administered at Billinge Maternity Hospital, were transferred to a new maternity unit at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary (more commonly known as Wigan Infirmary) in Wigan. Maternity care units were upgraded at surrounding hospitals, including Whiston Hospital, Ormskirk Hospital, Bolton Hospital, Salford Royal, Chorley Hospital and Warrington Hospital.

In March 2007, demolition work on the maternity hospital building commenced. As of May 2007, only a small section of the maternity unit is left standing.
In April 2010, only two buildings stand which are due to be demolitished soon as more houses are being built on the site of the former hospital.

keys, for what? a lot of locks id say.

on the wall in one of the rooms.

left over pool table and ball, yep only one ball.

it was a lovely sunny day for exploring!


reclaimfloor said...

Hi there Scrappy, would you please be kind enough to email me at i have some info that could help you :) I can't seem to find your contact details anywhere on here to send you a personal message. Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi scrappy, I was looking at your billings hospital demo photos, haven't been back to Wigan since emigrating to Australia in 2003 and was wondering what happened to the old nurses quarters. Was very pleased to see my nifty wall paper in your blog, stuck that there in 97 whilst a student nurse living there. Some funny memories of that old place, thanks