Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ADM/spillers mill, newcastle

Really wanted to see this one after seeing a the madness in the room with all the pipes in it! took some time to find a way in but managed in the end after hiding in bushes for a bit while a tyne tour boat came past! :)

Spillers had come to Newcastle from Bridgewater in 1896 when they acquired Daudson's Phoenix Mill in The Close. In 1938 the new premises were completed, comprising of two main buildings: The Silo/Grain Store, built to accommodate up to 34k tons of grain, and The Flour Mill/Warehouse, which also contained an animal food mill. At the time of completion in 1938, the flour mill was the tallest flour milling building in the world.

In Feb 2006, ADM (the current owners of the Spillers mill) announced they were to close the Newcastle mill and move production to other ADM Mills around the country; all milling here was stopped by May 2006.

top level, that floor was not the best!

its amazing what gets left behind!

now this is nuts, how did anybody know whay was going on in this room?

as ever a people shot! :)

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